About Me
Ten years ago, I realized that in the course of my life I have retained an abundance of knowledge regarding my heritage that would be shameful if I wasn't able to pass it on to my friends, family and others that were interested. I set forth to document my knowledge and experiences through art, in particular, acrylic paintings on papel amate (amate paper).

My paintings depict topics such as my personal relationship with my Mayan shaman grandmother, information regarding the Mayan culture, agriculture, astronomy, astrology, methods of medicine, religious themes, architecture and industry.

Born in the city of Torreon, State of Cohahuila, Mexico was raised by her grandmother Mila and educated in the Mayan culture. The grandmother Mila was a healer and spiritual leader of the people in her own home-state of Quintana Roo. She had married a French field engineer that was working under contract of the Mexican Government and followed him out of Quintana Roo to Torreon. There she raised four children. One of them, Fabian Parga, was to be Carlotta's father. Due to complicated family situations, grandma Mila took the responsibility of raising her granddauhter Carlotta and had the opportunity to pass along her knowledge of the Mayan culture with its mythology and traditions as well as the healing practices of her people.