My Portfolio
This is a collection of some of my work. The pieces are grouped in topics.

Shamans Prayer - Shamans pray in preparation to read the stars.The Pyramid of Dreams - The astrological belief that signs come from dreams.Shaman in Meditation – Considering and interpreting the events to comeAstrological Circulations - Shamans making mathematical calculations of the Planets and StarsShaman Interpretation – Through inspiration, a Shaman interprets the movement of the starsThe Pyramid of time – The Creators measure the passing of time by the swinging of a pendulumMayan Zodiac Observation – A Shaman observing the stars movements through the Zodiac
The Offering of Harvest –  A woman offering to the creator the fruit of the harvestThe Cacao – A celebration of the harvesting of the cacaoThe Feast for the Harvest – The villagers gather together in celebrationThe Collection of Honey – The honey as an important part of the Maya’s diet and lifeA Tribute to the Corn – The corn as the main staple in the Maya’s dietAgriculture Teachings – A shaman teaching about medicinal plants
The Three Stages of Womanhood – Under the care of the community a girl grows from child to adolescent to adultThe Twin Brothers – The tale of the Twin Brothers as part of the initial creationWoman as the Flower of Earth – The woman celebrated as the flower and treasure of earthJourney with Grandma – Grandma taking me along in her experiences of Shaman powersEarth and Water – Earth and water (Chac) in conjunction for the blessing of a good lifeThe Fight of Life – Mayan warrior fighting the forces of evil and deathThe Turtle – The power of the ocean represented by the turtleThe Honey Bees – A shaman offering to the sky the honey, the sweetness of lifeOcean Life – The sea serpent along with frogs and turtlesMother Universe – The influence of the cosmic rays bring life to earthThe Tree of Life – The tree of life is protected by celestial guardiansMessengers from the Universe – Guardians controlling the entrance door of the UniverseThe Destruction of the Mayan Empire – The flood that destroyed the Mayan empireMother Universe – The zodiac signs as connection to the universeThe Tale of Two Creators – The gods of earth and water convey knowledge from the universeQueen Sol – The first shaman woman who lead the Mayan peopleFuture Events – Three celestial events will determine the future of humanityThe Quetzal – The bird of paradise representing the beauty and richness of earthThe Pyramid of the Sun – The way to enter a new dimensionThe Crystal Urns – The treasure were the Mayan knowledge is collectedPrince Hunahpu - Son of the first father Hu Nal Ye who avenged his fathers murder and became a hero to the peopleThe Mayan Symbols – Knowledge and power, the serpent and the jaguarTeaching class – A female shaman educating young girlsTeaching class – A male shaman educating young boysThe Claiming of the Throne – Princess Xiu claiming the throne for his son SuetokBall Game Preparation – The players asking for blessing before the gameThe Fight of Life – Warrior fighting forces of evil, science and deathThe Birth of Suetok – The “magician” is born of an eggThe Death of Chalam-Balam- The death of the last Mayan prophet
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The Painting – A master instructing on the art of painting
Medicinal Plants – The preparation of medicinal plants
Entertaining the Royals – Musician playing for the pleasure of the king