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Art Method
My paintings are an artistic expression of contemporary Mayan art. They are original pieces that represent my understanding of Mayan culture. My pieces are inspired by the cultural Mayan teachings of my Shaman grandmother. They tell stories derived from past Mayan events, beliefs and personal experiences. My art is meant to replicate the primitive styles of original Mayan art illustrating meaning through simplicity.

My work is painted on amate paper made from tree bark. This handmade paper is dyed with organic colors and is made in two types, a light and a strong.

The strong paper was designed to record long-term works such as mayan stories and history in the form of folding pages compiled as a codex.

The light amate paper is made from the carcass of a small beatle that symbiotes with a cactus called Nocheztli. When the beatle dries it is collected and soaked in water. Organic colors are added to the soaked beatles and processed into a  dry and hardened writing surface. The purpose of this light amate is for religious demonstrations. The paper would be an offering to burn in a fire ceremony.

One of the two types of paint used in my work is the standard acrylic paint that is fast drying and can be diluted with water. The other is an organic paint that is made from fruits, vegetables, sea shells, cactus and a lime compound mixed with vinegar or lemon.
Art Method